Internal Branding

Managing behaviours to allow wide-scale organisational change

Our approach to internal communication should be understood as a system that can translate a company's strategic framework into all the numerous languages spoken within it, creating projects and organising activities capable of establishing an internal climate of awareness, efficiency and collaboration. 

Our privileged interlocutors are the general management, human resources, corporate communications and PR with whom we design and manage long-term projects that will transform a brand experience into employee experiences. 

We activate online and offline communication channels in both traditional and social fields to communicate the company to its different targets (employees, new recruits, collaborators and talents), stimulating a sense of belonging and giving people the tools to take the company's values onboard, sharing and disseminating them with others.

Molding Tool

A Systemic Approach

Ours is a task of moulding, mediation, mixing and creating contact between communicative realities that often fail to communicate. Therefore, we propose a method structured around set theory. Each of the assorted sets corresponds to an autonomous module of work which is structured as a workshop.

The sum of the modules will cover all internal branding activities useful to the company at the moment when the final process is activated. The transition from organisational communication to internal communication therefore takes place seamlessly.

The result is the creation of a system of work which is organic to the company and able to behave like a living organism, growing and adapting to the changing external conditions and environments without losing its true nature.

We help the company to translate their corporate values into net value, creating communication campaigns that give substance to their mission and bring awareness to all the individuals the company is made up of.