BeMoving AXA Project

Internal Branding for AXA’s new headquarters and new corporate culture

Of the many communication projects that AXA Insurance and Industree have embarked upon together, transferring the company offices to new premises in Milan is certainly one of the most unique.

In the history of a large company, it is in itself rare to take part in an organisational and structural revolution of this magnitude. What was even more remarkable for Industree in this case was not purely the physical challenge of accompanying a massive insurance group to a new and larger venue, but also the symbolic task of orchestrating a movement towards a new and richer corporate culture, to be expressed through the move itself.

Industree dealt with the communication for each stage of the transfer, starting with the project name: BeMoving - Space for the Future.
The name itself expressed an invitation addressed to all the women and men working at AXA to be movement - to become a lively and active part of the geographical and cultural change destined to create a new space for the future of the company.

Be The Name

The name of the new headquarters on the other hand, was chosen by the employees themselves as part of the Be the Name campaign, supported by a dedicated communication campaign custom-made by Industree.

The new corporate culture at AXA -communicative, communal and open- made its effects felt even before the actual move took place.  Communication and sharing were two elements given form and substance through the creation of the AmbAXAdor roles.  Ten people were chosen from among the most energetic and animated employees at AXA to be fonts of knowledge containing all the project details, on call to resolve any doubts, questions or curiosities co-workers and colleagues might have about the BeMoving project.

Industree’s role in the delicate process of shifting hundreds of people and things from one location to another touched upon every organisational task imaginable, from archiving documents through the ArchiVia! campaign, to creating staff-welcoming and inauguration material in the PalAXA project.

A long and complex operation whose resounding success has further strengthened the fruitful relationship between Industree and the AXA Insurance Group.