Durex - Loveville 2015

O-One and Industree together
for the 2015 edition of the love championship of Durex Italy

Energy is the protagonist of the third edition of Loveville 2015, the competition that every year proclaims the city's most sexually active of Italy. The goal is to celebrate the power of love in all its forms: attraction, feeling, sex drive and complicity. O-One, in synergy with Industree, has created the concept "making love produces energy" giving life to the slogan "Make love, Make energy".

Industree oversaw the identity of the communication project, from concept to production logo of the coordinated, also combining the concept of competition linked to the initiative and managing promotional activities on social networks.

The first key action has been made the study of the key words of this concept: energy, passion, sex, couple, fun. For this it was created the logo of the event by inserting elements like the light bulb, which also recalls the classical form of the condom and the letters L and V included in give the idea of ​​the power of the energy that comes in a pair. With the color orange, finally, it wanted to accentuate the attention of the positive charge.

Social Strategy

O-One has supported the launch of the competition, studying and implementing an editorial plan reasonable and optimized for engagement to arouse interest in the events proposed by Durex Italy. They were then post processed with references to energy and passion, with the irreverent tone and sympathetic that distinguishes Durex Italy.

Among the initiatives being developed to support the league of love built by Durex,
O-One and Industree thought also to five parties to celebrate the start of the competition. Organized in major Italian cities these have aroused a lot of interest in the community Durex Italy, spouting a continuous sharing of content created ad hoc. Among other planned projects, including the cover of the summer with the Summer Tour of Italy Durex that will touch the most popular seaside resorts of our country.

At the conclusion of the party will be organized for the winning city of Loveville 2015 close to activity designed for the Championship of Love.

It was also created a Facebook Tab created with the graphic concept studied by Industree, where they were placed in support of the championship events and the complete rules of the initiative.

Competition Energy Pass

Industree and O-One have made the idea graphic and claim of the Energy Pass, the card that Durex Italy wanted to put in some packages of condoms, which once found, can win one of twenty trips up for grabs. The work of Industree and O-One has focused then on the study of the Energy Pass, depicting the logo of Loveville 2015 by focusing on energy that can give a positive charge, such as giving away a trip. 

Those lucky enough to find the Energy Pass, will then be presented to the community of Durex Italy through a copy which tells their brief history, also giving information on where you purchased the winning package, as well as publishing a picture of them inserted in a specific frame, designed for the occasion.