Employer Branding & Manufacturing Excellence

Indesit&I: the creation of employer branding

Indesit relied on Industree to take a strategic approach in communicating its recruiting activities for this project based on the analysis of Indesit's market position. Industree started by targeting groups in each of the countries Indesit operates in, conducting interviews with the HR managers there and listening carefully to the multiple voices throughout the network.

The idea was to think of the Indesit Employer Branding project not just from inside the organisation - where the figures, feelings and experiences are numerous and deeply rooted - but also from outside, where the perception of the brand is shaped by its visibility, product range, and economic performance, as well as numerous other signifiers that each contribute to Indesit being the ideal place to work.

In presenting concepts and campaign proposals, Industree laid a foundation for its employer branding vision supported by four crucial pillars: visibility, assurance, transparency and attractiveness to outstanding young job applicants. 

From there, Industree breathed life into a brandname able to identify the company's core activities and indicate a strong bond with their corporate values: "Indesit&I".

With the "Indesit&I" name and logo, Industree conveyed in a simple and direct way the existence of a clear and equal relationship between the company and both its potential new recruits and the employees already working there - a reciprocal relationship reflected in the creation of a range of values positive to all parties.

IME: creating value for Indesit through excellence

IME is a Manufacturing Excellence project promoted by Indesit to create added value by eliminating waste and adopting more flexible production processes. The project sets out to create a deeply embedded philosophy aimed at improving quality and reducing both time and costs. 

To communicate this change in business management vision and enhance the commitment of the people working at Indesit, Industree designed a harmonised visual campaign in which members of staff hold a speech bubble in their hands containing phrases related to the IME project. In addition to posters and rotas, the campaign took the form of a video in which Indesit employees explain how their goal to increase customer satisfaction by becoming faster and more competitive is becoming a reality.

Showing staff talking allowed other efficiency opportunities and possible areas of IME improvement to be highlighted.

Two projects with one goal: to enhance the commitment of the staff working at Indesit.

8 Indesit branches
4 countries
Over 100 employees photographed