ING Italy

#greenismore: communicating sustainability to employees

"Helping ING to make concrete its commitment
to reducing environmental impact"

This is the challenge that the banking group has launched at Industree Communication Hub. The advertising agency has created an internal communication campaign to raise awareness on the issue of environmental sustainability through employees, promoting dedicated initiatives and creating engagement. 

Ironic comics have given voice to the objects that employees use every day during the working day: elevator, plastic cups and sheets of paper suggest, in a playful and allusive tone, the most sustainable behaviors to be adopted in the Company. This is the creative concept that guide the #greenismore campaign.

The graphic concept has been used to customize the ING offices in Italy, some parking areas for charging electric cars and Dem for employees.

Waste & Plastic Free

The #greenismore campaign, after the launch phase on sustainable behaviors to be adopted in the Company, continued with activities dedicated to recycling and to stop the plastic. ING, in fact, has launched a series of initiatives such as the gradual elimination of plastic bottles and glasses in vending machines and the installation of new water stations and differentiated containers, with the aim of abolishing the use of plastic in the Company and contribute to the correct management and recycling of waste. Industree Communication Hub has created the communication concept and the tools aimed at communicating the value and the reasons of the project, without however giving up irony.