Maserati Eastagram

A photographic storytelling to tell about
the tour in Eastern Europe on social networks

The Made in Italy excellence of Maserati crosses the boundaries and leaves for the journey that brings the luxury and unmistakable design of the Casa del Tridente to Eastern Europe. To tell this exclusive experience Maserati chooses O-One, the digital unit of Industree Communication Hub, consolidating the collaboration that since 2015 sees the agency engaged in the coordination of the brand's social properties in the Eastern European markets.

Eastagram: the synergy between Maserati and O-One
gives life to a photographic storytelling

Eastagram is the photographic project of storytelling on the road that has seen O-One engaged in managing the Facebook and Instagram channels of the Casa del Tridente in the four main countries of the Maserati Tour: Poland, Czech Republic, Turkey and Russia. The journey, which on board the Maserati Ghibli and Quattroporte has made stops in the most representative places of each country, has been documented in real time thanks to a photo shoot created to increase brand awareness and strengthen the brand's link with the community local social networks.

440/5000 The project involved four original Instagramers from each of the countries involved: Michal Koralewski (Poland), Jirka Kryl (Czech Republic), Ahmet Erdem (Turkey), Ekaterina Mishchenkova (Russia). The influencers followed the tour capturing the most significant shots: thanks to their contribution, Maserati has been able to enhance the penetration level of its Instagram and Facebook profiles in Eastern European countries.

O-One created the concept of Eastagram and followed its operational implementation. In particular, he selected the Instagramers and followed them throughout the trip, taking care of the project management both on site and remotely. The storytelling strategy implemented by the Industree Communication Hub digital unit proved to be effective: the dissemination of the content produced was vast and widespread both locally and globally. The social properties of the Casa del Tridente have in fact reached a worldwide audience and recorded excellent performances in terms of engagement, thus strengthening the link between the luxury brand and fans of all countries.


From the most fascinating places in Eastern Europe, the evocative photographic story
of a journey that discover the values and the exclusive style of Maserati.