Unipol Group Financial Statements

An integrated publishing project

From 2013, Industree has worked alongside Unipol in publishing financial reports for the group’s Annual Meeting of Shareholders, studying a coordinated communication code utilising different online and offline mediums in accordance with the prominent financial group's guidelines.

The dialogue between print and web

How to create a multi-platform project

In the case of the Unipol Financial Group, Industree was responsible for the graphic design and page layout of all the legal, civil and social reports for the Annual Meeting of Shareholders. This publishing project consisted of a number of publications: the Consolidated Financial Statement, the Statutory Financial Statement, the Sustainability Report and various legal dossiers - all merged into a single and graphically coordinated box set. 

Industree sought to create an integrated project in which different mediums enter into dialogue with each other to allow for multi-platform reading. The communication concept was simple and flexible, placing great emphasis on the content itself thanks to a clean and basic graphical framework designed for ease of reading and clarity of information, enriched by the inclusion of highlights, charts, synthetic data and infographics all well suited to the online medium.

Unipol's Consolidated Financial Statement and the Sustainability Report were in fact produced in two different versions. In addition to the traditional print format, a corresponding digital version was formulated through the design and construction of two dedicated websites. Consistent in terms of graphics and content to the full print version, the online versions included extra content such as a video gallery and video highlights section, and personalised browsing experiences depending on the type of stakeholder using the site.

Reports, website, posters and videos

The many different ways to communicate Unipol's social commitment

To more effectively communicate the sustainability targets achieved by the Unipol Group, Industree created a series of specific tools to support their Sustainability Report: a dedicated website graphically coordinated to the print publication, along with a video and poster in which results obtained by the group over the year were summarised. 

The Sustainability Report has thus become not just an accounting tool, but a valuable communication tool for active dialogue with Unipol’s stakeholders, in which the sustainability strategy of the company is told using tools and language based on the medium and the interlocutors it is addressed to.  In 2013 in fact, having taken care of the creative concept and the page layout of both the full and the summarised versions of the Sustainability Report, Industree designed and shot a video for the home site to convey the Unipol Group's most important performance accomplishments. The same concept was later readapted by devising an ad hoc means of communication: a poster destined for all branches nationwide to be read by the entire internal workforce.

Consequently, while the full report in its print and web formats is left to the task of explaining the results achieved in the three accounting areas (Environmental, Social and Governance) in a comprehensive and institutional way in accordance with established ESG ratings, the videos and posters communicate the main objectives achieved in a more concise, informal and compelling way, using the journey into space of a sympathetic character as a visual narrative expedient.  Through his adventures, take-offs and landings, Captain Unipol visits all the planets of the Sustainability Universe, accompanying readers and users as they explore the impact of the economic, social and environmental performance achieved by the Unipol Group. 

Two innovative tools in very different languages and formats proved fertile ground for the emergence of a new era of accounting at Unipol - a way of communicating their social commitment while engaging all their stakeholders using simple, clear and direct language. 

A coordinated communication
campaign incorporating
the various print reports
and their web versions
in an integrated
publishing project.