Vodafone Italy:
Sustainability tailored
for Mobility

A multi-channel publishing project promoting
stakeholder engagement

Over the course of a consolidated and long-lasting collaboration with Vodafone Italy and its Foundation, we have participated in a transformation that has seen documents such as the Sustainability Report and the Annual Foundation Mission Report evolve from mere accounting tools into mediums through which corporate values and sustainability strategies are concretely expressed.

This transformation did not only concern content, but above all, language.

The forces guiding Industree throughout the duration of our project plan have been the awareness that technology and innovation can and should be at the service of the community combined with a willingness to approach and engage all the company’s stakeholders. No longer is the company’s balance sheet solely a paper document, but has been transformed into a cross-platform budget, readapted and made accessible to smartphones and tablets for a multi-stakeholder approach. 

Another dominant feature in the evolution of this project was the active involvement of the non-profit world. Through Industree's coordination, a number of associations selected and announced by the Vodafone Italy Foundation have been involved in activating creative workshops that have helped to create a deeper reading of the publication and a comprehensive vision of the activities and projects it details. 

This eventually led to the production subsidiary format as well.

The 2013 Edition

From the Nisida juvenile prison to a cause-related marketing
publishing project

The 2013 edition of Vodafone Italy’s Financial Statements was developed in cooperation with the Nisida Penal Institute for Minors.

Week 1

During the first week, a photography and video laboratory was created, looked after by Imagine Factory - a non-profit organisation specialised in activating multimedia labs. Every day the children at Nisida learned basic techniques and experienced the rudiments of editing, becoming the subjects and directors of photo shoots and video recordings which were incorporated in the financial statement’s pages in both the print and digital editions.

Week 2

During the second week, a writing workshop was activated in collaboration with Holden School, a creative writing school founded in Turin by Alessandro Baricco. The interns at Nisida pondered over the significance and meaning of certain words such as meeting and diversity, future and responsibility, land and labour, technology, dialogue and trust - basic concepts related to contemporary life and seeds for both individual and national growth. Together with Holden School, Industree facilitated this process in conjunction with some well-known personalities from the worlds of art and literature, boasting directors, writers, screenwriters and musicians among its ranks.

Each of them was asked to reflect on the proposed themes with the youngsters, relating their own experiences as artists and individuals struggling in an increasingly complex world. The outcome of these workshops gave life to colours and emotions that have enriched the pages of Vodafone Italy and the Foundation’s Financial Statements. Most importantly, it has spawned "The Diary of Nisida: Words and Images", a book published in partnership with ilmiolibro.it.

The proceeds from the online sales of the volume will be donated to pursue training activities in Nisida Prison.

The 2012 Edition

Sustainability Report via an interactive app

A true cross-platform publishing project which led to the creation and delineation of the two Financial Statements not only on paper and in digital format, but also via mobile devices. 

In addition, this edition of the project features two non-profit organisations among its protagonists, Imagine Factory and Arteteca, based in Milan and Naples respectively, who accompanied and supported Industree with imaging and video apparatus through street art workshops and video-photographic laboratories, all contextualised as part of an urban renewal project. 

Vodafone’s Sustainability Report
has become an opportunity
to activate projects
throughout the Italian territory
and reach out to the community.