Adecco launches "Work in passion ...": working best, with the right tools

The job agency leader in Italy chose Industree Communication Hub for the design of a communication strategy to promote the tools for better management of workflows.

For large companies it is increasingly important to provide employees and partners tools that enable them to better manage their time and their activities, which would increase their satisfaction, growth and the achievement of aims.


The collaboration between Adecco and Industree Communication Hub has initiated the project "Work in passion ...", structured in 10 pillars describing activities and tools to improve the efficiency and performance work in Adecco. Training tools, sharing and work life balance offered by the company in the future -and suggested by employees- proposed in order to make them more accessible and increase its use and feedback.


Witnesses of the campaign were the employees themselves, immortalized with the "tools" symbolic of their work: sharing and networking tools, informatics tools, moments of personal exchange, engagement activities and professional development have been transformed into colorful symbols with where employees interact within the work context.