Centrale del Latte d'Italia invests in digital. O-One will manage the brands Centrale del Latte di Torino, Giglio and Optimus

Centrale del Latte d'Italia, a subsidiary of Newlat Food S.p.A., an Italian company leader in the agri-food sector, has appointed the agency O-One, digital unit of Industree Communication Hub, to develop and renew the digital identity of the three brands of the Group, through the creation and updating of the websites and the creation of the social strategy.

Centrale del Latte d'Italia, one of the most important Italian production companies, specialized in the Dairy sector, has entrusted O-One to accelerate the digitalization process of the communication and marketing of three of its most historical brands: Giglio, a brand from Emilia that has been producing and marketing milk and dairy products since 1934; Optimus, a historic brand from Lodi born in 1930 that has made mascarpone a premium product known worldwide; and Centrale del Latte di Torino/Tapporosso, founded in 1950 and which has become synonymous with "Il Latte" in the city of the Mole.

Centrale del Latte d'Italia, which has always been synonymous with quality and food safety, in addition to being a point of reference in the Italian food market is also a showcase for Made in Italy in the world thanks to its qualitative excellence obtained through continuous technological innovation, but always respecting tradition. A strong group with a wide product portfolio that covers the regions of Piedmont, Lombardy, Emilia-Romagna, Veneto, Liguria, Tuscany and Campania with a turnover of over 200 million euros, 7 production plants and 620 employees.

O-One's expertise in Food Marketing has defined a communication strategy that aims to enhance the territorial context and the long tradition of the three brands, through the creation of a new digital identity and the creation of contents in perfect balance between the innovative mission and the historical values of the brands.

In detail, to strengthen the digital identity of Giglio, O-One has rethought the digital strategy of the brand, starting from the renewal of the Facebook channel to the creation of the new Instagram profile, with the aim of exploiting innovative tools for the marketing of the brand's products.

In addition, the agency has created the new website, creating an original creative concept to make the storytelling more in line with the Emilian spirit of the brand, thanks to the original content of the sections "Recipes" and "The secrets of Zdora".

At the same time, for the brand Optimus, O-One has developed the social and advertising strategy dedicated to the Facebook and Instagram profiles of the brand, intervening also on the website with a restyling of the graphic layout and taking care of the recipes section with new contents, designed to enhance the products of the brand, mascarpone in primis.

Finally, the most recent work completed with Centrale del Latte di Torino/Tapporosso: also in this case the agency studied a new social and advertising strategy dedicated to Facebook and Instagram profiles and rethought from scratch the brand website, based on a fresher and more appealing visual language.

For all three brands, the agency takes care of the production of original content, both visual - graphic and photographic - and textual, including recipes, which populate all the digital principals of the brands.

"The objective of giving a new personality to three historical brands has been well interpreted by O-One - says Luca Musumarra, Marketing Director of CLI - which has proposed a path of re-launch starting from the specific strengths of the different brands in a current way and able to generate interest and engagement with the consumer".