Deborah Milano: O-One is commissioned to develop the new web platform

The digital agency, part of the Industree Communication Hub Group, has been awarded the task of developing the new communication concept. Great attention to visual and user experience to tell the best of the Italian brand and increase users' engagement.

Supporting the brand in a 360° digital marketing path, starting from the creation of the web platform: this is the goal of O-One, digital unit of Industree Communication Hub, after winning the tender organized by Deborah Milano, the international brand of the "Beauty and personal care" world of Sodalis Group.

The passion for beauty, research, design, are the core values of the Italian style and make Deborah Milano the protagonist of the Made in Italy beauty for more than 50 years. Just the essence of Deborah Milano is the starting point for a wide project, which combines the strong heritage of the brand and a user experience with a digital scenario in which the relationship with the brand is increasingly deep and personal. Aspects that O-One has taken into account in the design of the concept "The New Beauty" of the new corporate website.

For Deborah Milano, this renewed touch point is part of a brand ecosystem designed to meet the expectations of the consumers and make them the protagonist of the user experience through a new relationship with beauty. A beauty to be discovered and experienced also thanks to virtual try ons, necessary today more than ever, to virtually and safely test new references and nuances. This new platform will tell the story of the brand and its values, will make the relationship between the brand and its consumers more accessible and interactive, and will accompany them on the beautiful journey towards "The New Beauty".

If cosmetics are the "felt-tip pens of grown-up girls", applying make-up means playing, drawing, coloring, creating new looks. This is how the idea of creating a place where every woman can have fun with herself and, why not, find the little girl that is in everyone and that no one has ever stopped being.

The site is conceived as a space where you can go (and come back) to have fun and experiment, looking for an accomplice - the brand - who can read inside every woman, as well as look at her from the outside. The mood of the layout is therefore colorful, illustrated, contemporary and material, with a visual tribute to the city where everything was born: Milan.

A challenging project, which has seen the different areas of the agency activated to respond to the request of Deborah Milano, taking care of the aspects of communication & marketing assessment, visual concept & design, development and content design of the digital project, to tell the best of the Italian brand and increase the engagement of the target.