Estra: the integrated communication project dedicated to sustainability bears the signature of Industree Communication Hub

Following a tender, the agency was awarded the contract to implement the integrated communication project dedicated to the sustainability of Estra, one of the main operators in the energy sector at the national level.

Estra, one of the main operators in the energy sector at the national level, achieves in the fifth year of sustainability reporting an important milestone, matching the Consolidated of Non-Financial Report 2019 with the Group's 2019 Sustainability Report, and entrusts the task of implementing the integrated communication project dedicated to sustainability to Industree Communication Hub.

The project foresees a multi-channel strategy: starting from the main reporting document – the Sustainability Report – the agency presented the contents related to the company's performance and objectives through a variety of communication tools in order to reach different stakeholders.

From press adv to radio and TV commercials, from Sintesi video to the new section of the institutional website , the common thread of all the tools already produced and the tools under construction is the concept "PRESENT, SUSTAINABLE", which for Estra means being present, close to the communities and territories where it operates. In fact, the stronger and deeper the bond with its homeland, the more a company can find the right answers. A proposal that talks about places, roots and the Estra’s responsibility to the people who live and will live in those territories. Not tomorrow, but today because the future of sustainability is built in the present.

The Sustainability Report is a succession of images that show the company's point of view in terms of sustainability in the territories of central Italy. Among the pages of the Report, an image story takes place along those roads and among those landscapes that have marked the Estra’s growth.

The iusses of Estra, but also the initiatives and projects carried out for the community and environmental protection are the subjects of press campaigns and radio and TV commercials that present "the here and now" of the company "to write together the future of energy".

#sustainablepresent is the hashtag dedicated to identify and almost personalize Estra's commitment to sustainability. A hashtag that wants to suggest the idea of immediacy, dialogue and continuous updating as a signature style to communicate with the company’s stakeholders.

"Industree has been able - states Saura Saccenti, Estra's Sustainability and Institutional Relations Manager - to effectively translate what the data in the Sustainability Report tell us: our link with the territories where we are present, beneficiaries of the added value (social, environmental and economic) produced by Estra. The communication plan was also a stimulus to plan future developments, first of all a newsletter dedicated to our stakeholders that will take place in the coming months".