Full Commerce: O-One and T-data present the Full Outsourcing business solution for a really smart e-commerce

O-One, digital unit of Industree Communication Hub, and T-data, one of the first Italian e-Commerce Service Providers, join their competences for the development of a new service, "Full Commerce", a Full Service model that allows companies to develop their own e-commerce through a tailor made strategic approach, maintaining control over the entire online sales chain through a single Business Partner.

In recent years, the exponential growth of online sales has confirmed the leading role of e-commerce within the market, forcing companies to consider this new tool as a strategic sales channel. In this scenario, therefore, it has become fundamentally important to have an interlocutor who is able to support the company's business along the entire e-commerce chain. This figure is no longer represented only by collaborators specialised in marketing, logistics or tech, who rarely engage in dialogue with each other, but by a Business Partner who, starting from the strategy, possesses the vertical knowledge to deal entirely with both the development and optimisation of e-commerce and, in parallel, with customer care and channel administration, as well as promotional activities linked to digital marketing and advertising.

This is the need for Full Commerce, an e-commerce model with unique characteristics, capable of combining great usability with the immediacy of being able to control the entire value chain of the channel.

Full Commerce, born from an idea shared by O-One and T-data, is a Full Service model that allows companies to do e-commerce through a single interlocutor who is able to organically control the entire chain of e-commerce.

This business solution, in fact, is based on a set of vertical skills:

- Setting up the e-business strategy;

- Management of all phases of the e-shopping experience (from platform development to logistics, administration and customer care);

- Digital Marketing and Advertising;

- Integration of CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

All harmonised or harmonisable with the systems already used by client companies.

Full Commerce is the result of the partnership between two companies in the Italian market that have been able to combine their skills to guarantee control of the entire supply chain and verticality in strategic areas: O-One, the digital unit of Industree Communication Hub, specialised in digital communication strategies to accompany companies in the digital transformation process, and T-data, one of the first Italian e-Commerce Service Providers (ESP), which provides logistics, operations management and post-sales services.

For more information, please visit the Full Commerce page.