Helvetia assigns to O-One its content marketing activity

O-One, the Industree Communication Hub's digital unit, will be in charge of defining the strategy and the content marketing activities to increase the brand awareness and build loyalty to the community of the Insurance Company, through the production of vertical texts about the industry and easily usable by the target audience.

Helvetia, the Italian branch of Helvetia Group, which has 6,000 employees and more than 5 million customers worldwide, has relied on the expertise of O-One to define a content strategy from a marketing perspective, with the aim of promoting the Brand and its products, through an original storytelling.

Thanks to a team of specialized editors with vertical competences in the insurance sector, the agency will be responsible for the production of quality texts, optimized in terms of SEO and relevant to users, aiming to dialogue with the different targets identified by the Insurance Company, to increase engagement and to build community loyalty.

The articles, which will initially be published on the company's blog, will focus on two strands: product content, with a focus on the insurance services offered by the Company, such as Home Insurance or Life Insurance, and posts dedicated to general and topical issues in the sector.

There will also be in-depth articles on regulations and useful advice on how to behave in the event of unforeseen events that may occur in daily life.

"Content is the king" said Bill Gates in 1996 in one of his articles, claiming that the future of the Internet would be mainly focused on content. We can only say that this was indeed the case because quality content is the basis of a good ranking for a company on search engines" - comments Emanuela Abbondi, Web and Social Media Manager Helvetia Group - "To produce quality content Helvetia decided to turn to O-One, certain of its professionalism and seriousness."