i-Tech Industries confirms O-One for the digital and social strategy of the icoone brand

i-Tech Industries, an international leader in the development of body shaping technologies and non-invasive connective tissue treatments, reappoints O-One to strategize and manage the digital ecosystem of the icoone brand to support growth in international markets.

i-Tech Industries confirms O-One, digital unit of Industree Communication Hub, to lead the social and digital strategy of the icoone brand, following the performance of the activities carried out during 2020: the increase of the fan bases, from the growth of Facebook fans (+40%) to the increase of Instagram followers (+95%), confirmed the strategic success of the editorial content and the support of the targeted advertising campaigns. The objective for 2021 is to strengthen brand awareness in the beauty, medical and wellness sectors at a time of particular expansion of the company into new international markets, at the same time increasing community involvement.

Following the launch, at the end of 2020, of the "icoone Talks" webinar project, dedicated to the B2B target and an opportunity to schedule monthly refresher meetings on "business" and "scientific" topics, the activity will be aimed at defining and strengthening the brand's digital ecosystem, building a path that over the 12 months will make new languages and new services available to the target.

First and foremost, the new "iLoveMe" communication concept lays the foundations for dialogue and relations with the end customer. Self-love, attention to wellbeing and care for one's own body are concepts that fuel the research that i-Tech Industries carries out in designing machinery and treatments and that are reflected in the work of all icoone centres. iLoveMe is an invitation to look at ourselves and shout out all the love we have for ourselves, to express the freedom to see ourselves as we really want to.

Conceived by O-One and already popular on Facebook and Instagram, the iLoveMe concept responds to the need to introduce direct, warm communication, through which the brand can be inserted into everyday life. The tone of voice softens in favour of a warmer and more intimate tone, favouring a visual style made up of brighter colours, realistic photographic cuts, scenes with which you can identify. Dynamic colours, which travel through the seasons and accompany the user in a real story.

The website, created by O-One, will also be upgraded to include additional content and services mainly aimed at the target of centres and distributors around the world.

O-One has also supported the brand for the launch of the new edition of the "icoone Best Results Contest", the competition open to all centres around the world that have achieved the best results with icoone treatments. The contest will end on 18 October 2021. O-One took care of the development of the web page and the graphic identity of the project, together with social strategy and advertising.