Industree Change signs the identity of "Active Safety Value", the new Autostrade per l'Italia project

Industree Change signs the identity - concept, naming and logo - of "Active Safety Value", the new program of Autostrade per l’Italia that addresses employees and collaborators to involve them - in an innovative way - in the health and safety values at work. The agency was also responsible for the launch video, which effectively and immediately presents the meaning, mission and vision of the Group's HS and the key elements dedicated to reinforcing the company culture on health and safety at work issues and disseminated on the company's internal information channels.

Industree Change, an Industree Communication Hub division specialized in change management and organizational communication, has developed the identity of the new Autostrade per l'Italia program, created by the HSE (Health Safety Environment) Division to strengthen the culture of health and safety at work.

The claim "Active Safety Value - Active, Responsible, Safe" underlines the central aspect of the project: the commitment to improve and change safety rules by adapting them to contexts and moments, reducing risks and predicting them in time. Active Safety proposes a safety project "on the move", a shared activity in constant development, on the road, in construction sites, in new works. Everyone is called upon to participate, each in his own role and field of activity will be able to play an active role. The logo of "Active Safety Value" encloses within the A the profile of a person wearing a protective helmet to signify how safety is inherent in the brand values, just as if it came to light from its initial letter.

In addition to the identity, Industree Change has realized the launch video of the project, which has opened in recent days the event dedicated to the program "Active Safety Value" with a presentation held by the top management of Autostrade per l'Italia and dedicated to the entire corporate population who participated in live streaming.

The video diffused on the company's internal communication channels illustrates immediately the mission and HS, emphasizing the meaning of the project for the company: "working in safety is a way of acting; it is the positive and active attitude that guides us in every moment of the day and helps us to prevent risks, for ourselves and for others". Active Safety Value is a program that involves processes, tools, structures and - above all - people: because safety means rules, standards, protective devices, appropriate equipment, but the center of everything is the person.

Among the new support tools, Industree Change has taken care of the production of the Information Kit to distribute to all recipients of the program. It consists of various tools that focus on the behavioral aspect of safety: thanks to the collaboration of everyone, both by reporting potentially dangerous behaviors and by contributing to their change, it is possible to achieve the common goal of zero accidents.