Industree Communication Hub develop a training program on Digital Transformation and Communication for MyGlass

MyGlass, the Italian network born to offer excellence in the replacement and fixing of car glasses, has developed with Industree Communication Hub a training program oriented to their network of working centers, to provide them all the tools to manage independently an efficient communication throughout the national territory.

Milan, 9th October 2017 - MyGlass asked Industree Communication Hub to support them realizing "Communicate MyGlass", a training project aimed at more than 200 networking centers to strengthen internally an innovative communication culture.

Through this initiative, MyGlass means to provide its sales point with all the tools to communicate online and offline, in order to adapt the communication campaign to local specificities and to actively support achievements  of visibility and business goals of individual working centers. Simultaneously, the company wishes to convey its own corporate identity in a coordinated and differentiated manner across the national territory, also including individual franchisees activities.

Thanks to the contribution of O-One, the digital division of the Industree Communication Hub, the sensibilization of MyGlass’network to the most relevant issues of communication training program includes all the social media used successfully for business communication.

The first workshop on the project, composed of four phases, was held in Bologna in recent days: starting from the documentation of the core activities to the effective transmission of the know-how needed to carry out a communication campaign, and then from the activation of local initiatives to a full support at the time of their implementation