Industree Communication Hub interprets the future of advertising thanks to the most innovative technologies

Industree Communication Hub presents its new service Digital Advertising Remix and turns on programmatic: an innovative approach realised by its digital division O-One.

Milan, 25th May 2017Industree Communication Hub launches its Digital Advertising Remix, a tailor-made advertising service that represents a genuine paradigm change in the field of media planning.

 O-One, digital division of Industree Communication Hub (, has realised the new service area by remixing tools such as programmatic, social, search e display in a single platform. Thanks to programmatic, it is possible to move from a mass “broadcasting” approach to a kind of advertising which is specifically directed toward the most suitable and involved target. Through the set of instruments embedded within the programmatic platform, companies are able to reach the right user with the right message at the right moment and with the suited frequency. A smarter, sharper and more efficient way of communicating which fully gives value to customers’ budget.

 Industree Communication Hub relies on the Meme Global Media Group’s platform, an advanced company in the field of digital advertising, which has recently invested about 50 million dollars in these technologies. The Industree Communication Hub’s CEO Luca Franzoso claims that “there are huge opportunities open to us in this area. Our agency is endowed with the best tools and partners in order to seize them: in one word, this means leading the change. Our partnership with Meme Global shows our determination to continue on this path by using all the best resources available”.

 The new solution by Industree Communication Hub combines creativity and media planning: the focus is on the user, which is the center of a story about his online and offline behaviours. A tailored storytelling is the best way to truly get him involved. Finally, the fast and fine-tuned monitoring and reporting process is an extremely valuable asset to optimise every campaign and its ROI.