Industree Communication Hub launches POINTER, the division dedicated to phygital projects

Industree Communication Hub and Guglielmo, a leading company in the creation of geographic telecommunications networks, have combined their forces to develop a unique project in Italy intended today mainly to the Retail sector.

Milan, 11 June 2019 - Industree Communication Hub continues its growth strategy in the technological area: the agency adds another important element in the field of strategic consulting for the digital transformation of businesses, with the launch of Industree_POINTER.

Luca Franzoso, CEO of Industree Communication Hub, intervenes in this regard: “After exploring the multiple opportunities of digital channels and social networks, companies today find themselves at the starting point and with an additional problem: how to engage consumers who move fluids, between physical and digital spaces, and create environments in which Physical and Digital create added value for the user?"

Our answer is Industree_POINTER

and continues: "Industree Communication Hub and Guglielmo have joined forces to create a unique project in Italy. For months now, Guglielmo's researchers and Industree's strategists have been working to build an offer platform capable of giving new solutions to improve data-driven strategies of company. Today we can finally say that we are ready for the applications of the RETAIL world, (food, banking, automotive), and we already have 5 other areas of vertical application that will see the light in the coming months. The mission is to redefine, in a new paradigm, the digital profiling, the customer experience and the engagement of the people who visit the physical spaces".

Giovanni Guerri CEO of Guglielmo "The platform that Industree_POINTER will make available to customers will make possible a highly personalized Customer Experience, that is, built on the basis of information coming from the users' Physical and Digital experience. It is therefore a question of really enhancing the new Phygital Experience, which today concerns every consumer. Through the multiple Touchpoints managed by the platform, it will be possible to make the information collected actionable in real time, depending on the clients' strategies and with respect to specific business objectives. Users will be able to experience high quality experiences and companies will be able to measure the effectiveness of each action in real time. We offer concrete marketing solutions, putting the person at the center of the project, capable of recognizing it, engaging it and retaining it through technology”.

Luca Franzoso closes with an invitation: "Industree and Guglielmo together count 75 employees with an aggregate turnover that for 2019 will amount to 9 million euros, we are looking for companies and partners in the fields of Big data analytics and digital marketing automation, who want to join our project. In fact, we have the vision that companies like ours, which do business with their own resources and do not belong to multinational groups, can, with the union of intelligence and strength, find the fastest way to growth.

We think that now is the right time.

Digital transformation represents for companies a great opportunity, a strategic asset that will allow us to open the doors to innovation, and favor the growth of people, teams and entire organizations".

Click here for a video demonstration of the potential of Industree_POINTER in the retail sector.