Industree Communication Hub presents Change, a new point of reference for change management and human resources

Industree creates a new unit dedicated to organizational communication and change management projects for human resources.

Milan, 19th February 2019 - Today companies have to face the challenges related to people, constantly struggling with the rapid changes in organizations, digitalisation and new ways of working.

Digital transformation, smart working, feedback culture and organizational revolutions require dedicated and efficient change management practices. Industree is the reference point on these issues in Italy and has developed many projects with the major international brands such as Barilla, Lamborghini, Pirelli, Heineken, ING, Axa. From today, Industree will be the first agency with an exclusively dedicated unit. This was a choice dictated by new market demands - explains Industree CEO Luca Franzoso - due to the lack of established players in this field.

Antonio Sidoli, the strategic director of Industree Change, emphasizes that the new unit focuses on human capital, making it ready for new paradigms of professional development and not resistant to change.

Industree Change is also online with a dedicated site a web portal that collects successful business cases and presents best practices to better manage changes.