Industree with Serially for the celebration of the first year of activity

Serially is the Italian answer to the growing demand of video on demand: on the occasion of the celebration of the first year of activity, it relied on the experience of Industree Communication Hub for support in organizing the event and PR and media relations activities.

Industree Communication Hub supported Serially (, the first all-Italian TV series streaming platform, in organizing the first anniversary celebration event and in PR and media relations activities.

Born from the idea of two Italian entrepreneurs, Alessandro Mandelli and Massimo Vimini, with a great passion and important experience in the world of entertainment and in the advertising sector, television content and in the digital sector, Serially offers enthusiasts the opportunity to watch international TV series and completely free.

In just one year, Serially exceeded 200,000 registered users, with the usage time per user growing steadily month on month, thanks to the continuous publication of original and quality content that retains users and attracts new ones.

The celebratory event that took place in Milan Anteo cinema, presented by the radio and television host Gianluca Gazzoli, was an opportunity to retrace the first and exciting year of activity by announcing important innovations, such as the development plan for geographical expansion of the platform, a crowdfunding campaign and the new schedule of TV series which includes the first-ever and exclusive distribution of a new all-Italian series entitled 3.33.

Industree Communication Hub supported Serially in organizing and directing the event.

Industree's PR team has developed a PR and media relations strategy, which merged into the involvement of newspapers, with the aim of giving maximum visibility to the extraordinary results achieved by Serially in the first 12 months of activity and its forthcoming expansion abroad.