Life Excellence Science Award honors GRace, the new intranet of Gedeon Richter Italy. The project bears the signature of Industree Communication Hub

The Life Science Excellence Awards competition, organized by Popular Science and promoted by SICS to highlight the most innovative projects in the medical-scientific world, awards "GRace - The GRIT Space," Gedeon Richter Italia's new intranet, in the Excellence Award category for the Best HR Project of the Year. Strategy, creativity, architecture and development of the digital infrastructure were handled by the Industree Communication Hub agency and digital unit O-One, in close collaboration with the company's dedicated cross-functional team.

The third Italian edition of the Life Science Excellence Awards, organized by Popular Science and promoted by SICS - Italian Society for Science and Health Communication, awards "GRace - The GRIT Space," the new intranet of Gedeon Richter Italia, in the Excellence Award category for the Best HR Project of the Year.

The intranet, created in collaboration with the agency Industree Communication Hub and the digital unit O-One, has proven to be an effective tool for sharing, dialogue and employee engagement, to make them participants in the major changes that are affecting the health sector and the company itself. GRace is a space where people can communicate and efficiently organize individual operations, fostering the sharing of experience and expertise as well as social aggregation.

The creation of the intranet was the first step on the path to building the new face of Gedeon Richter Italia, thanks to the tool's ability to stimulate a sense of belonging, foster team building and spur all employees to achieve certain goals, in the medium and long term.

"GRace was born from the need to have a space for sharing among colleagues, easily accessible, at a time when the world was forced into social distancing caused by the Pandemic." - explains Lara Marchesano, Regulatory & Compliance Officer in Gedeon Richter Italy. "With GRace we have revolutionized the concept of the corporate intranet, transforming it into a useful, cross-functional and smart tool with the aim of facilitating everyone's daily work, but also simplifying processes and facilitating the exchange of information, skills and communications between all functions. Enriching us both personally and professionally."

Industree Communication Hub, in close collaboration with Gedeon Richter Italy's dedicated cross-functional team, oversaw the project's strategy, creativity and editorial content, adopting a user-centered approach through the involvement of employees from the earliest stages, making everyone a co-protagonist in the process. A network of ambassadors and key users was built from the outset, crucial for the launch of each subsequent phase, from the training program to the communication activities for the launch of the intranet.

The O-One digital unit took charge of the design, architecture and development of the digital infrastructure, built according to the needs expressed by the company, implementing a web analytics strategy to monitor real user behavior and keep the digital workplace a living, participatory and functional space over time.