Media Relation: Industree Communication Hub alongside Emak, sponsor of the exibition “Kandinsky→Cage: Music and Spiritual in Art”

Industree Communication Hub has followed Emak through the inauguration day of the exibition “Kandinsky→Cage: Music and Spiritual in Art".

Milan, 14th November 2017 - For more than a decade the collaboration between Emak, European leader in the production and marketing of gardening and forestry machinery, and Industree Communication Hub, has been running on very efficiently, leading them to entrust the management of media relationship to the company.

Industree Communication Hub has accompanied Emak to the inauguration day of one of the most important cultural events in the Emilian area: the exhibition "Kandinsky → Cage: Music and Spirituality in Art". The company is sponsored by the exhibition which is directed by Martina Mazzotta and scheduled at Palazzo Magnani in Reggio Emilia from  November 11th 2017 to February 25th 2018.

Emak has always been close to the institutions and the territory, supporting the initiatives that contribute to its development and qualification. Even on this occasion, there has been no support missing  from the company to such a thick appointment like this one, which expresses the essence of art in all of its forms, from painting to music. The communication agency sustains and supports Emak's Marketing Direction in all corporate and product communication actions in the Italian market, implementing and managing an effective media relations plan aimed at consolidating the image and reputation of the company.