O-One launches "Online Sales Generator", the integrated Mobile Wallet Advertising platform to increase e-commerce sales

O-One, the digital unit of Industree Communication Hub, presents a new opportunity for the world of e-commerce: a solution that, through the potential of Mobile Wallet integrated with Digital Advertising, helps companies to increase their online sales, improving loyalty and creating an ongoing relationship with the customer.

With the aim of increasing companies'online sales, O-One has launched "Online Sales Generator", an integrated Mobile Wallet Advertising platform, which activates the relationship with the user by installing a coupon on the Wallet which guarantees a series of customer benefits from the online shop.

Mobile Wallets (such as Apple Pay or Google Pay) are app natively integrated into smartphones that open a new communication channel that is always active between the brand and consumers.

Now entered into daily use, the Mobile Wallets allow you to make online purchases, but also to enjoy discount coupons and loyalty cards.

The contact between the brand and potential customer takes place through the creation of profiled and geolocated digital advertising campaigns, which push the user to download and install the coupon within the Mobile Wallet. It will thus be possible to communicate with the customer at any time and in any place, by launching dedicated and convertible promotions and personalized offers on the online shop.

The platform can also be easily integrated with loyalty systems, such as fidelity cards.

The "Online Sales Generator" allows you to activate campaigns, measure redemption in real time and intervene quickly to optimize results, creating a privileged communication channel with users, essential for increasing your online sales and, above all, adding value to your purchasing experience of its customers.