Piaggio Aero becomes Piaggio Aerospace and chooses Industree Communication Hub for the rebranding and the new digital identity

New strategic positioning and new corporate identity for Piaggio Aerospace. The rebranding is signed Industree Communication Hub.

Piaggio Aero Industries becomes Piaggio Aerospace. The rebranding, edited by Industree Communication Hub, interprets the changes within the company in recent months: the shareholding structure, product portfolio management, organization, processes and new production plant in Villanova d'Albenga (Savona), today one the most advanced aircraft in the world industrial plant, inaugurated on 7 November at the presence of the Prime Minister Matteo Renzi.

A communication project realized through the integration of specific expertise in corporate area (Industree) and digital (O-One): from the creation of logos and coordinated image to the realization of corporate website www.piaggioaerospace.it, reorganized in content, fully responsive and accessible from smartphones, tablets and PCs.

Piaggio Aerospace designs and manufactures innovative aircraft for patrolling and security and business aviation; develops advanced products aero-motor projecting into a future of industrial and technological growth. 

The new corporate and digital identity proposed by Industree Communication Hub are the visible sign of this evolution and consolidation of the company. 

The logo of Piaggio Aerospace, with aerodynamic shape, expresses the concept of progress, a page that you browse to the future, with the experience of a long and glorious industrial past. 

"The new brand identity for Piaggio Aerospace is the visible sign of the evolution of the company and of the developments that are taking place within it” - says Enrico Sgarbi, Head of Communications of Piaggio Aerospace and continues - “the rebranding was a quick but careful process that led us to choose the graphic that best represents the contemporary Piaggio Aerospace and projected his vision on the future.”