Reinova chooses Industree Communication Hub as communication partner

Reinova, the innovative center of excellence for the development and validation of components for the electric and hybrid Powertrain for sustainable mobility, born from an idea of REI Lab s.r.l., Unindustria RE and Fondazione REI, with the support of important banking partners, leading companies and entrepreneurs of the Motor Valley, entrusts identity and communication to Industree Communication Hub.

The industrialists of Emilia-Romagna have decided to join forces to create an innovative project in the Motor Valley, a world leader territory in the mobility industry. Reinova was born from the idea of combining tradition and innovation, local and international, and has become reality thanks to the experience of REI Lab s.r.l., Unindustria RE and Fondazione REI that had the vision to enter the sustainable mobility market in a crucial moment of change for the sector, with a cutting-edge project, involving leading banks such as Intesa San Paolo, important companies and entrepreneurs of the territory.

Industree Communication Hub Group has been chosen as strategic communication partner of this innovative project since its birth, supporting the new reality in the definition of an authentic and coherent positioning, through the design of a highly distinctive and innovative brand identity to promote its growth and development.

This positioning is oriented to convey the founding values of Reinova both at the level of dissemination of innovative and technological services provided and at the level of awareness and engagement of all key stakeholders and prospects.

Technology innovation, progress, technology at the service of man, passion and a concrete look towards the future of electrification: these are the touch points generating the identity, which have guided the design of the logo and payoff "MOVING AHEAD".

"Every change brings with it new rules, new decisions, responsibilities and choices. Without change, there is no progress. We believe in innovation, progress and technology in the service of humankind. We want innovation to be linked to creativity, we rely on courage, risk and commitment. Last July 10 we inaugurated our production center, a center devoted to electric power that was born in the heart of the Italian automotive industry and marks the dawn of a new sustainable era totally made in Italy" - These are the words of Giuseppe Corcione, CEO Reinova, who inspired the brand storytelling and the creation of the entire corporate communication apparatus: from the strategic fundamentals of mission, vision and values to the design of the company profile.

O-One, the digital unit of Industree Communication Hub, took care of the realization of the website that presents the vision of the company in the field of electric mobility, through the services offered, the skills and the passion of the team and the editorial content of the blog. Designed in a fully mobile responsive way, easy to explore and user friendly, the website is characterized by an intuitive structure, which brings the user into direct contact with the world of Reinova in a few clicks. 

Thanks to the experience gained over the years with leading companies operating in the automotive sector and sustainable mobility, the PR staff of Industree Communication Hub has been involved in the project, in order to make the new reality known to stakeholders, expanding the target audience. Moreover, in order to strengthen the positioning and increase the brand reputation and awareness of Reinova, the team of specialized editors of the agency will offer support in the management of the LinkedIn profile and will populate the blog, accessible from the website, with vertical articles and in-depth analysis of the sector.