SIFÀ is the new face of Italian mobility

The new answer in Italian enterprise mobility born from SIFA and BPER Banca to ensure a complete and qualified in the long-term rental and fleet management.

From the meeting of SIFÀ and BPER Banca was born the new Italian company that redefines the standards of quality in long-term rental and fleet management.


Established in 2012, SIFÀ today offers a wide range of innovative solutions in the field of mobility, in a highly competitive market where the preponderance of large companies of foreign groups.


Industree Communication Hub has been selected by SIFÀ to cure the redesign of identity and design the new strategy of corporate communications.


The agency has joined the board in the definition of corporate communication statements: mission, vision, values and payoff, in order to identify the new corporate positioning and structuring communication guidelines.


The payoff "Mobility has new rules. Your. " expresses the innovative nature of the company: enhancing the unique features and unique to each customer, SIFÀ creates ad hoc projects for mobility custom molded to the specific needs.