The Chiostri di San Pietro of Reggio Emilia have a new visual identity signed by Industree Communication Hub

Industree Communication Hub has realized the communication project of the Chiostri di San Pietro on the occasion of the reopening to the public, participating in the project to enhance the services and cultural activities of the city of Reggio Emilia.

Reggio Emilia, 6th November 2019 - The Chiostri di San Pietro, the Benedictine monumental space of Reggio Emilia, dating back to the 15th century and reopened to the public last spring, after an important restoration and enhancement project curated by Studio Zamboni Associati Architettura, holds together the culture, the sociality and the history of the city in which it is born. An attractive place, unique in its kind, an exhibition, artistic, cultural and social innovation hub that deserves to become a real brand.

The “Consorzio Cooperative Sociali Quarantacinque Società Cooperativa Sociale” and the “Consorzio Solidarietà Oscar Romero Consorzio Cooperative Sociali società cooperativa”, as manager charged by the Municipality of Reggio Emilia, chose Industree Communication Hub to design identity and communication strategy aimed at promoting the Open Laboratory inside the Chiostri di San Pietro.

The agency took care, under the creative direction of Massimo Rontani, of the communication plan related to the redevelopment and opening of the Cloisters to the general public, local and international. Starting from an accurate study for the realization of the visual identity, Industree has created logos, naming and its coordinated image.

"The design of the Chiostri di San Pietro logo starts from the recurring architectural elements within the monumental complex, with the aim of creating an immediately recognizable symbol," says Giorgio Musa, senior copywriter of Industree Communication Hub. "The arch and the dome, explicit tributes to the Renaissance, and the modern lines, expression of the link between history and the future, enclose and identify the different areas of the museum space. The workshops, the coworking, the bistro are all accompanied by a particular declination of the logo and by its own name combined with the word "Chiostri" ("Lab in Chiostri", "Work in Chiostri", "Food in Chiostri") ".

The project manager, Letizia De Felice, continues: "In each of these places art and culture meet innovation, creativity and digital technologies and give life to new entrepreneurial dynamics that will contribute to enhancing the city and its society".

The return of the Cloisters to the community is the message that the ADV campaign wants to communicate, explained by the slogan "Di San Pietro, di tutti." A project that makes art and culture communication tools and promotion of a territory, as well as indispensable actors for the growth of the city, and attributes to the concept of digital culture a leading role for the development of social innovation.