The O-One Music for Brands unit is born: sound and music at the service of companies' digital communication

Digital agency O-One, part of the Industree Communication Hub Group, has created a new unit that puts sound and music at the service of companies' digital communication.

"We want to bring music and sound into the companies digital communication in the most innovative, coherent and effective way possible". With these words Gianfranco Fornaciari, CEO of O-One, the digital agency part of the Industree Communication Hub Group, announces the birth of Music for Brands, the new unit that aims to bring together the worlds of audio and brands in the digital arena."We started out with the conviction that people's emotions are the most powerful decision-making lever, and we identified music as its greatest activator" - continues Fornaciari - "Among other things, the music sector is renewing itself in order to find new channels and ways to express its value, and digital brand communication is certainly still a fairly new channel, full of unexpressed potential. We believe that this "encounter" can be a winning one thanks to the focus on digital, an area in which usage is expanding rapidly and, above all, in which the effectiveness of communication can be measured, thus providing companies with important information that has always been at the basis of decisions to invest in communication and marketing".

One of the strengths of Music for Brands is its collaboration with leading players in the music scene: musicians, producers, DJs, agencies and managers, to touch every aspect of artistic production and revisit it through the digital language, making it a strategic asset for corporate communication. 

Music for Brands is aimed at Brands that base their communication on emotional values and that, for their digital strategies, are looking for new channels and innovative and differentiating contents, based on music. The services offered are divided into two macro areas, respectively "Digital Music", which includes the creation of Original Digital Soundtrack, Live & Digital Event Musical Entertainment, Digital Soundscape, and "Digital Audio" with the original production of Branded Podcasts and Audio social management skills.

Over the years O-One has carried out projects in which audio and music have been at the heart of companies' digital communication, working with Maserati, Smeg, Danone Aptamil and, recently, on the production of Yamaha Motor's new branded podcast "Next Horizon: the future, one challenge at a time", written with journalist and writer Roberto Parodi.

Our customers are looking for emotions," concludes Fornaciari, "the kind that only musical language and digital experience can create together. Sound is part of our field of action and what involves and excites is what we can offer".