"We make the point": the corporate cycle events Hera tells the results of last year

The Internal Communication project of Hera tells the 2015 financial year results through the corporate events cycle during which the Chairman and the CEO of the Group meet the employees. The results of the narration is entrusted to the creativity of Industree Communication Hub.

The Hera Group, a leader in environmental services, water and energy, relies on Industree Communication Hub creativity of the Internal Communication project that involves all levels of staff. The initiative, which has become one of the warmest times of the year and expected, resulting in corporate events cycle that sees the President and the CEO meet with employees in order to bring the Group's senior employees from all locations. The event is an opportunity to share results and future programs relating to the business, the development of human resources and corporate welfare.
This year the story of Hera is signed by Industree Communication Hub through the "make the point" project. The key visual of the work, designed especially for the cycle of events and declined in different forms, use the concept of "point" to visually depict the idea behind the meetings: summarize and share the achievements. Agency implementation of the creativity of communication materials, the assembly and the video interviews with management, aimed at the direct involvement of the divisions in project narrative made during the year.
A sign of closeness between the different functions that is also expressed in the questionnaire, edited by Industree Communication Hub and given to employees. The survey, once a collection of impressions and feedback on the meeting, try the Hera Group sensitivity to the satisfaction of its people.