Art influencers, videos and online events: the future of "La Galleria. Collezione e Archivio Storico" of BPER Banca is digital together with O-One

Video storytelling, influencer marketing and online events: O-One, the digital unit of Industree Communication Hub, is working with BPER Banca to digitise "La Galleria. Collection and Historical Archive". The Impresa Museum is told through new languages and virtual initiatives.

O-One, the digital unit of Industree Communication Hub, is working with BPER Banca on the digitalisation of "La Galleria. Collection and Historical Archive", a nationally known reality that enhances and makes available a large artistic and archival heritage, linked to the territories of BPER Banca, now present in 14 regions.

"The Gallery. Collection and Historical Archive" is not just a museum, but a lively and vital place of cultural exchange; a heritage that represents excellence in the field of corporate collections in Italy, and is also part of the circuit of Museimpresa, the Italian Association of Company Archives and Museums, which identifies, promotes and networks companies, their archives and collections through national communication actions. Today, BPER Banca is aiming to make its heritage more accessible to its stakeholders, expanding its audience and virtual activities by introducing new languages and tools.

O-One has supported BPER Banca in the realisation of the online event "Ti nasce vicino. Dalla r├ęclame ai social media", a multi-voice presentation of the latest book of studies on the Bank's Historical Archives, and the video storytelling project Tesori d'Arte, a content section dedicated to the story of the most prestigious works of art kept in the gallery in Via Scudari, Modena.

To further enrich the communication of the project and its next activities, there will be the digital storytelling of the exhibition "Corrispondenze Barocche", open to the public from 7th May 2021 and realised in collaboration with the Musei Civici di Modena. O-One will take care of the development of the editorial and advertising strategy on the Instagram channel @lagalleriabper and the video production for the launch of the exhibition.

For the occasion, O-One has also created the first digial pr project for La Galleria, in collaboration with the art influencer Cristia Giopp of The Girl in The Gallery, who will create new and original content dedicated to the new exhibition and the BPER Banca exhibition space.