Auto Presto&Bene, a Unipol Group company, launches its new network of garages and entrusts the new campaign to Industree Communication Hub.

Auto Presto&Bene, which manages and coordinates all the key steps of the car repair service for Unipol Group policyholders, is about to launch its new network of mechatronic workshops and entrusts the new recruitment advertising campaign to Industree Communication Hub.

Auto Presto&Bene provides an excellent car repair service to Unipol Group customers, thanks to a network of selected repair centres.

The company has always operated an important network of body shops that repair cars insured with UnipolSai, but the world of mobility is evolving and AP&B wants to offer an even more complete service through the creation of a new network of mechanical and mechatronic workshops throughout the country.

The aim is twofold: to support customers not only in repairing faults, but also in scheduled maintenance, and to provide new business opportunities for the car repairers who will become part of the new network.

In order to start recruiting garages, Auto Presto & Bene commissioned Industree Communication Hub to create a communication campaign in specialist publications to convey to the target audience the advantages of networking: more work, more services to customers, more quality assurance.

The visual of the campaign refers to sports competitions and the concept of teamwork: the invitation to join the network for owners of the best Italian garages is encapsulated in the slogan: "the strongest garages together to win in the biggest team". And, taking up the competitive metaphor, the invitation is addressed to those who know that their place is not on the bench, but on the field with the colours of a great team. To those who have always sought the opportunity to prove their worth, and have finally found it. To those who know that no champion can win a game without the strength of the group around him. For all of them, Auto Presto&Bene is the network to play in.