Yamaha chooses Industree Communication Hub for multi-experiential initiative "THE DARK SIDE OF JAPAN" dedicated to press and influencers

Yamaha has entrusted Industree Communication Hub with the organisation of a multi-sensory experience dedicated to the lifestyle press and influencers to present the new MT-07 and MT-09 models through a full immersion into "The Dark Side of Japan", the Japanese manufacturer's most famous segment, which includes the urban Hyper Naked models characterised by their fast engines, attractive design and great agility.

A full immersion in the concept of "The Dark Side of Japan", which identifies the Japanese manufacturer's most famous segment, including the MT models: this is the soul of the multi-experiential initiative organised by Industree Communication Hub for the lifestyle press and influencers with the aim of presenting the new Yamaha MT-07 and MT-09 models in a unique and unconventional way.

"THE DARK SIDE OF JAPAN" was conceived as an immersion into the chiaroscuro of Japanese culture and graphic art combined with an exclusive opportunity to experience the new MTs in their most exhilarating environment. It was a unique experience, composed of distinct and differently exciting moments, but also a rich and uninterrupted source of narrative opportunities, designed to nourish the keyboards of Yamaha's guests.

The experience was held a few days ago in Bologna: the guests, including Matteo Viviani, Noisyboy and Alberto Naska, were immediately involved in a road test of the motorbikes on a route made up of metropolitan stretches and scenic curves in the hills in order to test the two wheels in all their skills. At the end of the riding experience, the group moved to an unprecedented location, the Dumbo space, an important complex that represents the most innovative European industrial recovery project, where the "set" was prepared to convey the concept "The Dark Side of Japan", an underground universe of thrills and adrenaline, in all its forms. The motorbikes entering the group, the passage inside the set of an action movie with smoke and special effects, the welcome of the Dark Rider, guide and emblem of the TDSOJ world, the live performance of a Nōtan artist, the maxi-projections of evocative images, the music of Taiko drums accompanied by a dark-industrial DJ set involved the guests, showing the charm of the darker and more non-conformist soul of Japan. The event ended with a food experience with references to Japanese culture, the cradle of the brand and the TDSOJ concept.

Industree Communication Hub conceived and coordinated all the phases of the initiative, from the selection of the guests to the design and production of the sets and installations, taking care of the script and the direction of the experience in every step.

The agency provided support for the production of content for the company's social media and for the channels managed by the journalists and influencers involved in this exclusive experience.