BPER Banca chooses O-One for the creation of #PayUpExperience, the new digital contest of Teen!Space

Bringing new generations closer to BPER Banca is the main goal of #PayUpExperience, the new digital contest for "Teen!Space", the BPER Banca project for teenagers and curated by O-One, a digital unit of Industree Communication Hub.

Milan, 10th October 2019 - "Teen!Space" (https://www.teenspace.it/) – the BPER Banca project dedicated to the world of teenagers - launches the new digital contest #PayUpExperience, open to all children between the ages of 13 and 19. The aim of the project is to bring the new generations closer to the Bank's value world and to the products dedicated to them, through channels and languages that reflect their habits and their real interests.

The contest, curated by O-One, digital unit of Industree Communication Hub, is online from September 25th until December 20th and involves 3 young influencers who, through a series of photo shoots, telling their own experience of using the products BPER Card PayUp Teen and BPER Card BIP. Influencer's photographs showing moments of everyday life, through which it is possible to discover the main advantages of the two products. Contest participants will have to vote for the images they prefer to compete for prizes: a latest generation mobile phone, an Amazon voucher and a Netflix Gift Card.

In addition to the creative concept of the #PayUpExperience contest, O-One realized an accurate selection of influencers, identifying the figures most closely related to the target and interesting for the Teen!Space community, able to contribute to achieving the objectives of awareness and lead generation expected from BPER Banca.

The digital unit of Industree Communication Hub has also taken care of all design and development web activities, digital creativity, social storytelling and the social advertising strategic plan.