BPER Banca inaugurates a new channel for webinars and digital events. Creativity and implementation by O-One

O-One, digital unit of Industree Communication Hub, supports BPER Banca in the realization of a series of online appointments to talk to different targets and expand its audience through the opening of a new communication channel. The first cycle of digital meetings will be aimed at businesses, with in-depth analysis of financial and economic advice. The agency will be responsible for: the digital communication plan and the development of the project, the creativity, the technical realization and the supporting social activities.

BPER Banca confirms its vocation as a bank "Close. Beyond expectations" to people and businesses with the development of an innovative digital project that opens a new channel to dialogue with customers and expand the target audience.

With the support of O-One, the Bank has created a series of digital meetings dedicated to consulting and finance for business growth, demonstrating the innovative soul of the bank and confirming the potential of the webinar as an effective channel of communication for companies.

The idea is to create a dialogue on these topics because increasing financial and economic culture helps to make conscious choices in spending, investing and saving. In addition, the Bank also intends to bring online different contributions in support of art and culture, instruments of dialogue and enhancement of the territory: the digital event that inaugurated this space presented an archival research that tells the evolution of BPER Banca's communication from 1867 to today.

The next three online meetings will be aimed at businesses: the first webinar of this cycle, on the activity of financial consulting, within the framework of corporate growth paths both for internal and external lines, will be held on January 21 at 6 p.m. To participate: https://www.crowdcast.io/e/wr1wcxyg

O-One has supported BPER Banca in the development of an innovative digital project with the aim of opening a channel of active dialogue with customers and expanding its target audience, taking advantage of all the opportunities made available by technology and communication platforms.

The agency took care of the creativity, the realization of the digital events and the training of the Bank's internal speakers to use the platform.

The meetings will also be presented by BPER Banca through its social channels Facebook and Linkedin, as well as on its institutional website bper.it

To follow the webinar appointments of O-One in which the agency offers advice and insights on digital communication: https://www.crowdcast.io/o-one.