Industree Communication Hub partners with Autostrade per l'Italia for new corporate intranet

The collaboration between Industree Communication Hub and Autostrade per l'Italia continues: the agency will redesign the internal communication portal. It will be a more social, more accessible, more participatory and engaging intranet for all the internal realities of the Group.

The success of any company passes through the satisfaction and involvement of the people who work there, and internal communication platforms provide a real opportunity to foster the participation and interactions that are proper to corporate life. The broader business transformation plan and the digital transformation process Autostrade per l'Italia is moving towards have given an important impetus to the role of communication between people and the need to completely overhaul the internal communication portal. An evolved and efficient space that can improve communication, increase the involvement of all resources, facilitate processes and simplify the search for information, documents and procedures.

To achieve these goals, Industree Communication Hub will support Autostrade per l'Italia in the development of the new corporate intranet. The agency will be in charge of setting the general concept, designing the user experience and designing the graphic layout of the new internal communication portal: a virtual space, which in an efficient and organized way, will unite all the souls that make up the Group's realities. It will be a more social, more participatory and engaging intranet. Also more accessible to all categories of workers, thanks to the application of the most current visual principles and standards.

The new intranet will be the space to stay up-to-date on everything happening in the company with easily available news, services and information. A direct, warm, engaging and useful channel to stay in touch and keep connections active among all colleagues.

Industree Communication Hub, with the Industree Change, O-One and Stone Digital units, will be responsible for the strategy, design and user interface of the project.