Industree Communication Hub wins the tender for the Education & Advocacy Project of Purina Italia

The agency has been awarded the task of creating the identity and supporting the communication and employee engagement activities for the Education & Advocacy Project of Purina Italia, world leader in the petcare sector with a complete range of foods for the correct nutrition and petcare

Industree Communication Hub won the tender organized by Purina Italia, petcare brand of the Nestlé Group, dedicated to the Education & Advocacy Project.

Subject of the assignment are identity, communication and employee engagement activities.

The first step of defining the naming and logo of the program has been completed: "EMPAWER. LEARN TO IMPACT" is the proposal chosen by Purina, which presents a visual reference to the footprint as the possibility to leave a mark by employees and a naming that evokes paw to emphasize empowerment, the enhancement of knowledge and skills, among the objectives of the project.

With EMPAWER, Purina Italia's new Education and Advocacy program, Purina's corporate population is embarking on a journey to be completed all together, a journey in which the person is at the center. A place where knowledge meets the desire to grow and the pride of being Purina: a complete program that will accompany them, stage by stage, to discover the world of Purina, pets and animal nutrition, to strengthen the awareness that quality work is work that deserves to be told. A real path towards Advocacy to make all employees consciously informed and authentic spokespersons of science, quality, innovation and Purina's daily commitment to improve the health and well-being of pets.

EMPAWER will be not only learning but much more: there will be initiatives, social challenges, moments of engagement and in-depth analysis with Purina's veterinary experts, as well as training and support at points of sale. A universe of opportunities designed to provide Purina employees with the necessary tools to become the first Ambassadors of the company's commitments and to leave their mark as the voice of Purina in the world.

Industree Communication Hub is supporting the company in all communication and engagement activities with actions and activities designed ad hoc, such as the launch video of the program.

The learning activity will be developed through a virtual platform that will involve employees in a fun and interactive way, thanks to the use of quizzes and gaming.