MyGlass chooses Industree Communication Hub for new ADV campaign

“MyGlass Risolve” is the claim of the new communication campaign of the Italian network specialized in the repair and replacement of car window realized by Industree Communication Hub.

Milan, 26 June 2019MyGlass, excellence in the replacement and repair of car window throughout the national territory, relies on Industree Communication Hub to develop the new online and offline communication campaign. The claim that distinguishes it is “MyGlass Risolve”: an unambiguous message addressed to all motorists that highlights the readiness of MyGlass professionals to solve the different implications that breaking or chipping a car glass can entail. Not only repairs and replacements, therefore, MyGlass services range from rainproof and car window tinting treatments, of home interventions, up to the recalibration of assisted driving systems (ADAS), today, it is essential to ensure the safety of driving.

The visual that characterizes the campaign, that it will be diffused in various subjects representative of the different target to which the company turns, draws in a sequence of expressions the states of mind of the potential customers MyGlass, that they pass from “” concern about the glass to be placed at“serenity” after the intervention. A light and fun way to put the customer and his different needs in the theme of car glass increasingly at the center of the action of MyGlass.

An ADV campaign of great impact and with a very clear message, designed entirely by the communication agency to support MyGlass in the relaunch of its brand image. O-One, the digital unit of the agency, manages the brand’s digital channels, from social Facebook and Instagram to the new website, with activities in support of the network of broadcasting centers on programmatic Advertising and Google mybusiness, to improve visibility and to be closer to users at the right time.