O-One launches the "spontaneous digital growth" method and presents the new site

O-One presents the new website www.o-one.net and enriches its offer in the field of digital strategic consulting, with a renewed data-driven approach based on three pillars: Analytical approach, Creative solutions and Spontaneous digital growth.

O-One is now online with the new website and presents a new method that aims to put the key concept of Spontaneous digital growth at the center of future digital strategies for clients, with the aim of allowing them to grow their business thanks to the revolutionary potential of digital transformation.

"The little girl on the swing on the home page overlooks a new world and this is the metaphor we have chosen to represent simplicity, curiosity and enthusiasm", says Gianfranco Fornaciari, CEO of O-One. He continues: "In fact, even before getting into technical details we need the right attitude to speed up the potentially exponential growth and challenges that companies face on a daily basis”. At O-One we are confronted every day with leading industrial companies that span across multiple sectors. From automotive with Maserati, Yamaha Motor or Michelin, to finance with the BPER Group, Unipol Banca and Cribis, to design with Smeg appliances, Natuzzi, Divani & Divani and with the Panaria Ceramic Group, to entertainment with Mirabilandia, just to name a few.

What emerges is that never before have managers asked for such a simple and direct approach that will immediately enable them to evaluate the results of investments, because today digital channels, methods and tools have increased tenfold and there is a clear disorientation situation due to the proliferation of platforms, systems and consultants. There is an over-promise of techno-solutions that often do not match the needs of companies. At O-One we decided to respond to this need for simplification and coordination with an even more integrated and vertical method by adopting an AGILE method based on four steps: data analysis, application strategy, unconventional creativity and continuous improvement.

Luca Franzoso, CEO of Industree Communication Hub comments: "Our goal is to unlock the potential of the digital transformation to trigger a spontaneous and virtuous process of growth within companies. In recent years we have continued the process of integrating new areas of expertise with determination, as is naturally our vocation as a communication HUB, with particular attention to the digital/technological area and the market seems to be right. In fact, we are growing at a decidedly faster rate than the sector average, turnover in 2018 was almost 50% higher than in 2015. Also we dedicated the first few months of 2019 to building new partnerships”. In this regard Luca Franzoso anticipates that in June Industree Communication Hub will launch a new operational unit in the field of digital profiling and customer experience: "Working in our sector at this time of epochal change is a great challenge. The digital transformation for cross-media agencies like ours and for companies is a great opportunity, a strategic asset that will allow us to open the doors to innovation, and encourage the growth of people, teams and entire organizations".

O-One is part of Industree Communication Hub, a communications agency with three offices in Italy in Milan, Bologna and Reggio Emilia, which closed the previous year with an aggregate turnover of 5.6 million euros, and welcomed ten new clients since the beginning of 2019.