Technological Innovation: Industree Change and CRIF create Employer Branding Analytics for a real human digital transformation

Industree Change has developed together with CRIF a new approach to Employer Branding that involves the use of an algorithm able to map, analyse and return, in the form of data, all internal and external sources concerning the company as an employer, with the aim of updating or creating an Employer Value Proposition and a more attractive and effective communication strategy.

Digital transformation, smart working, feedback culture, performance based on attitudes and behaviours, and major organisational revolutions require targeted and efficient change management practices, oriented towards aligning human capital competencies with the new challenges.

Industree Change, a division of Industree Communication Hub specialising in consultancy and employer branding and people engagement projects for Human Resources, has always had the objective of putting human capital at the centre, making it ready for new paradigms of professional development and not resistant to change. Based on these premises, it has designed and subsequently developed together with CRIF, a leading global player in data driven technologies and analytics to support business, a new path for the development of Employer Branding (EB) through the acquisition and personalised verification of data.

The "Employer Branding Analytics" project was created with the objective of objectively analysing, through the use of a sophisticated algorithm, the positioning of any company or organisation - on internal and external channels and content - as an interesting and attractive place to work for potential candidates, employees and, as a cascade, for customers and business partners themselves. From this basis, it is possible to identify the drivers of improvement that can be used to verify, update or create from scratch a data driven Employer Value Proposition (EVP) and an effective and coherent communication plan both internally and externally.

This innovative strategy represents a complete, analytical and verifiable solution, able to support in an integrated and complementary way the more traditional Employer Branding survey tools, without forgetting the human-centred approach: a real human digital transformation that puts data at people's service.

The solution proposed by Industree Change and CRIF offers companies and other organizations the possibility to assess the level of their attractiveness towards both the corporate population and talents and potential candidates, to compare it with the main competitors, and to develop the most suitable actions to position themselves in the most effective and attractive way.

The Employer Branding Analytics methodology is structured in three phases: assessment, analytics, report.

The assessment phase provides a detailed analysis of the current state of Employer Branding and EVP of the company, identifying a list of direct and indirect competitors, defining the internal and external online sources regarding the company and the list of keywords of interest with respect to the EB thematic areas.

During the analytics phase, thanks to the online sources presented above, the algorithm searches and analyses objective data and processes it, returning it in an easily usable way for the interpretation of the strengths and weaknesses of the individual organisation. It is able, for example, to extract from the websites of the main providers the reviews of employees (current and former) of the company and its direct competitors; to identify the rankings in which the company and/or its direct competitors appear; to present a mapping of EB positioning or a comparative analysis with competitors with respect to specific contents and sources such as press reviews, website news and career area, internal news, intranet, internal social networks.

The last phase, reporting, is aimed at analysing the results obtained and creating an operational document capable of dictating the guidelines for the creation of a new Employer Value Proposition that is truly distinctive, credible and authentic, capable of strengthening the sense of belonging and involvement and, at the same time, positioning the company as the best employer of choice for talent attraction.

In parallel, Industree Change, as a communication partner, is responsible for developing a strategy that gives the company an immediately recognisable identity, by identifying the best channels and activities to reach the candidates of interest, and developing a multi-target and multi-channel communication plan that effectively and coherently conveys EVP's messages to the internal population, through the engagement of employees themselves, and to the external population, with communication campaigns aimed at stimulating candidates' interests.

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