Estra confirms Industree Communication Hub as a partner to communicate sustainability

The collaboration between Estra, one of the main operators in the energy sector at a national level, and Industree Communication Hub, to which it has entrusted the task of creating a new integrated and multi-channel communication project dedicated to sustainability, continues.

The health emergency that has been going on for months has led us to question ourselves about the deeper meaning of "closeness". A value - at the level of individuals, families, companies, associations, communities - that has never taken on a new importance as in recent months, almost becoming a need that seemed unexplored until yesterday.

Thus, for the new Sustainability Report’s edition, Estra has set itself the goal of deepening the real meaning of "being close" to the community and the territories in which it operates. The Group has taken a step forward by giving a new nuance to the concept of "Present, Sustainable", reinterpreting it in a choral key: the hashtag #presenteostenibile does not only accompany all communications related to the 2020 Budget, but also represents the choice to talk about the evolution and awareness of the active role that each individual plays in this commitment.

Through the Sustainability Report, the Company has decided to approach, tiptoeing into this present’s everyday life, made up of the people who really know and experience those places. It is their gestures, their faces, their stories that metaphorically accompany Estra on this journey, which offers a sincere point of view that has all the flavor of a reportage. The idea is to show small authentical Italian businesses, through pictures of situations, places and daily activities. Because from every letter, every figure, written or reported in black and white on the Report pages, the image of a changing reality, needs that change, needs that are transformed, shines through.

From the Sustainability Report to the institutional website, from the video to the flyers for customers, from the 30 "and 60" radio spot to the ADV pages for local newspapers, the multi-channel strategy and the tools created by Industree Communication Hub have achieved the goal of telling the Company's commitment to be present when everything changes, in order to actively contribute to the country’s development.

"Beyond having effectively made the contents of our Sustainability Report, - declares Saura Saccenti, Head of Sustainability and Institutional Relations at Estra - Industree has also been a stimulus for further initiatives, first of all the ImprontaEstra newsletter (the fourth number is coming out) and the ‘Valore in circolo’ project, a path to share our commitment into sustainability with the people of Estra, discovering the most important projects implemented by the Group. "