Financial education explained by creators. The new digital communication project curated by O-One for BPER Bank's Teen!Space

O-One, the Digital Unit of Industree Communication Hub, is once again a strategic partner for Digital PR management for the Teen!Space project, BPER Bank's digital space dedicated to boys and girls aged 13 to 18. Starring creators Legolize and Diari di Brodo, involved to develop original storytelling around financial education topics.

Explaining financial education topics with an attractive and engaging language for the new generations: this is the challenge taken up by O-One, the Digital Unit of Industree Communication Hub, for BPER Banca and the Teen!Space channel, the digital space aimed at boys and girls aged 13 to 18.

In a scenario in which only 36.1% of Italian teens are interested in the topic of savings, compared to 51.5% in OECD countries (source PISA - OECD's Programme for International Student Assessment), the importance of identifying updated and appropriate interlocutors and communication channels to educate the younger generations about finance emerges.

Hence the idea of developing an innovative digital communication project for Teen!Space, which saw the involvement of well-known creators to talk about money, savings and digital payments through channels and languages that reflect the real habits of teens.

O-One, which has been at BPER Banca's side for years in developing the digital strategy for the Teen!Space project, oversaw the scouting and coordination of creative outputs, identifying creators in line with the target audience to develop an engaging storytelling around financial education themes.

The first collaboration activated is with Legolize, the largest community of humorous cartoons featuring LEGOs with over 1 million followers, followed by the collaboration with Diari di Brodo, a project created by young illustrator @martinafilippella.

The two collaborations are the result of an in-depth selection by the agency to identify figures who were in line, as style and follower-base characteristics, with the identity of the Teen!Space project, with the aim of expanding its visibility through the creation and dissemination of exclusive editorial content on the principals of the creators involved.