Industree Communication Hub is once again Estra's sustainability partner

Estra has once again relied on the experience and creativity of Industree Communication Hub to create the 2021 Sustainability Report which aims to open a continuous dialogue with its entire ecosystem and enhance the Company's responsible development path.

Estra, one of the main operators in the energy sector at national level, renews the assignment to Industree Communication Hub for the creation of a new integrated and multi-channel communication project dedicated to sustainability.

In 2021 there was an important economic and social recovery after the health emergency that caused an unprecedented global crisis in recent years. 2022 seemed to be the right year to dedicate itself to the implementation of the plans that each European country had developed following the Recovery Plan for sustainable and inclusive growth. However, the conflict in Ukraine risks calling into question the objectives outlined to the detriment of an emergency that still persists and must not be forgotten: the climate crisis.

So for the new edition of the Sustainability Report, Estra has set itself the goal of affirming, today more than ever, its closeness to its community and its sense of belonging to a territory in the name of mutual exchange and dialogue continuous: the will to reaffirm one's roots, to be there with commitment and the ability to listen and to experience one's territory with respect but without fear of acting. To best explain the actions that the Company intends to pursue on its path towards sustainability, Estra has entrusted the new version of the Report to the gaze of an artist who knows those territories and lives them every day, the photographer Gianni Brunacci. In fact, his work leads to the conception of a concept in which words and images are one and in which it is the observer himself who outlines a creative process deriving from the photographic shots.

Starting from an essential premise and promise, that #sustainablepresent, which over time has become Estra's "trademark", the concept of the new Report reaffirms the idea of presence: "WE ARE HERE" is the concept that the Company uses to show its proximity to customers, suppliers and the entire community and to feel an absolute part of these places, in which It recognizes itself and to which It wants to give back the value he receives every day.

The multi-channel strategy and the tools created by Industree Communication Hub - such as the Sustainability Report, corporate website, videos, flyers for customers, 30" and 60" radio spots and ADV pages for local newspapers - have achieved their goal of telling the Company's commitment to be here when everything is evolving, focusing on key issues for Estra's strategic plan such as the essentiality of people, climate change and technological transition.

Furthermore, the Agency continues to support Estra also through ImprontaEstra, the company newsletter which this year has been enriched with two new sections: Stories from the territories - dedicated to sharing and reporting on non-profit associations and projects in the area have values and mission in common with Estra – and Voci di Estra – dedicated to the face and voice of the employees who personally tell the story of the Company's sustainability initiatives as protagonists.

Also continuing is Valore in Circolo, the internal communication project carried out for and with Estra employees to learn about the Company's commitment, objectives and results in terms of sustainability through dedicated pills.

On 14 September the new Sustainability Report was presented in hybrid mode at the Estra headquarters. An opportunity to show internal and external stakeholders the results obtained and the future objectives to be achieved in the responsible development path of the Company.