Industree Communication Hub signs the new communication campaign of Auto Presto & Bene

The Unipol Group company, which manages the auto repair service for Group policyholders in the event of a claim, changes its look and launches the new communication campaign created by Industree Communication Hub.

Milan, 18th July 2019 - To respond to the request of Auto Presto & Bene to relaunch its brand image, Industree Communication Hub realizes a new communication campaign inspired by the multi-armed Hindu divinity, which transmits with a clear, direct, light and amusing image the multiple qualities of the services that Auto Presto & Bene offers its customers in terms of assistance and repair of vehicles.

The campaign's visual portrays an eclectic repairer who wields a variety of work tools typically used by coachbuilders and, at the same time, tightens documents that recall practices related to the opening of an accident. In fact, Auto Presto & Bene in addition to ensuring high quality car repairs, manages the bureaucratic process and related documentation through the Unipol Agencies.

The visual, fun and able to capture the attention, is accompanied by the claim of the campaign "Your car in the best hands": a direct message that expresses unequivocally the variety and efficiency of AP&B services. The "best hands" are in fact those of the professionals of the approximately 3,000 Repair Centers that Auto Presto & Bene has selected on the national territory.

Industree Communication Hub has devised the creativity of the campaign, describing it in various activities aimed at the various target audiences of Auto Presto & Bene, in the different languages and according to the different objectives of each of the channels used.