Think sustainable, act responsible: ImprontaEstra, the Estra newsletter signed by Industree Communication Hub, is born

After having realized the integrated communication project dedicated to sustainability, Industree Communication Hub continues to think sustainable for Estra through the creation of ImprontaEstra, the Group newsletter dedicated to its stakeholders that tells about sustainability through interviews, columns and exclusive previews.

The collaboration between Estra, one of the main operators in the energy sector at national level, and Industree Communication Hub continues after the success of the integrated communication project dedicated to sustainability, which starting from the Sustainability Report 2019 presented the contents related to performance and objectives through a plurality of communication tools.

The new editorial project is ImprontaEstra, the newsletter that tells about sustainability through facts, best cases and exclusive interviews. Through this channel of dialogue, the company intends to communicate periodically with its stakeholders, updating them on its initiatives, objectives and results and contributing to the diffusion of a culture attentive to sustainability in a continuous and 360° manner.

ImprontaEstra is an updating space created to welcome and collect different points of view, discover experiences and tell stories of value, based on the idea that sharing is the way forward to build together a truly sustainable future. Through this channel of dialogue, Estra not only intends to tell its experience about the projects and the objectives achieved in the field of sustainability, but also wants to involve its stakeholders, collecting testimonies from the community in which it operates and deepening the trends in sustainability. Each issue of the newsletter will feature columns by a company representative or a selected partner with the aim of highlighting particularly relevant issues. The editorial board and the Estra editorial staff will contribute to the identification of the contents and the drafting of texts based on ongoing sustainable projects and on the most innovative news coming from the Estra world.

The newsletter will also convey a videotelling project to present the SDG's - the Sustainable Development Goals defined by the United Nations in 2015 as a strategic plan "to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all" - and tell, through video-pills, the projects activated by Estra Group in the sustainability reporting process in full compliance with international standards.

Industree Communication Hub has followed the organization of the project since the early stages of identity and design of the graphic format and editorial plan. The agency will support the company in the definition of the contents and the production of the newsletter.